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Question 1: Have you ever eat at McDonalds?

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Rachel Singleton Thank you soo much McDonalds for lifetime free pass! i got mine

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Julia Schroeder It's time for some good meal @ McDonalds

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Robert Bosch It was busy at the McDonalds counter today. It seems that a lot of people have got these passes

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Michael Drechsler Yes! It's just awesome, thanks McDonalds.

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Johanna Grunewald Yeeess, I got McDonalds pass.

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Christin Drechsler Who would have thought that i could have a McDonalds lifetime pass

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Diana Loewe Thank you McDonalds

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Florian Metzger Now i can go for honeymoon soon :)

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Claudia Vogler Thank you So much, McDonalds

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Heike Herrmann

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